Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Few Trainer Request Soon!

Been having a nasty cold here or still have am afraid.
But am working on what i can and feel for doing, so currently am just working on some requests for a few older game titles, since there's no new big game titles.

Note: complaining about the Info not beeing in a rdme, unless your donating to support me i see no rsons to complain. am not here formost for your plesure, am here doing what i like to do in the way i like it and if you dont like it, i coulndt care less unless you give some positive remarks.

But as nice as i am i will include an optional way to view the hot and options in in "future" trainers.

Also note that for most game titles the options/hot can be viewed here on the blog, its just a matter of copy and paste into ones own text document on your pc and there you have them.


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