Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Final Trainer Relsed!

Final trainer for this game title relsed!

Supported versions: Stm v1.00.16.8760

Options Are:

HOME - Trainer -

F1 ~ Infinite Hlth
~ This will keep you alive and well!

F2 ~ Infinite Stamina
~ This will set your stamina to max at all times.

F3 ~ Infinite Ammo
~ This will grant you an infinite amount of ammo
for all your guns.

F4 ~ No Reload
~ This removes the need to reload any wpons.

F6 ~ Infinite Flashlight
~ This will set the flashlight to max.

F7 ~ Infinite Flares
~ This will grant you an infinite amount
of flares
Note: must obtain atlst 1 flare.

F8 ~ Infinite Batteries
~ This will grant you an infinite amount
of batteries.

F9 ~ Super Sprint/Speed
~ This will let you run much faster than
anyone else.

F10 ~ Mega Jump
~ This will let you jump much faster
and futher. incrses the jump distance.

9 ~ No Fall Damage
~ This will protect againt damage from falling.

0 ~ Drain Enemy Target
~ This will let you take out the bad
guys very sily. press to execute option!

Insert ~ Rappid Firing
~ This will incrse the bullet rate on most
wpons, let's you shoot bullets much faster.

Page Up ~ Super Speed Mode
~ This will speed up everything.

Page Down ~ Slowmotion Mode
~ This will slowdown everything.

Numpad 0 ~ Store Loion
Numpad 2 ~ Teleport
Numpad 3 ~ Undo Teleportation

Important since i alrdy have more than enough of requests sends to me
i cant take more at the time so dont ask for them - atlst not in the coming weeks.
I do the ones have time for and have the game for.

Enjoy !


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