Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Alice: Madness Returns + 13 Trainer available anytime now!

An alternate trainer has been worked on for this game witch will include a few requested options also, Max hlth decrsed as to not be soo overkill like in the current trainer, And no the fixed exes out will only prevent the game from crashing like it used to they do not remove the games tampering protection, but the trainer has been changed soo to not crash the game as often or at all if those are to be used.
important for the trainer options to not get detected is to activate it ones inside the game and not while it loads, this is soo the trainer can find where to to prevent the tampering alertion to take place as often as it used to.

This update will be available soon!

By the way wheres the trainer for this game from the "best free trainers in the world"?
Ah! there is none ;)
makes you wonder..talk is c aint that true h4x0r?


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