Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Alice: Madness Returns Trainer Skeptic?

Unfourtunaltey some people sms skeptic about wheter or not my trainer work's for this game without crashing, This trainer will work as i alrdy mentioned for the ones using the proper version and with the game fix for that version without crashing more than 1 time here,that fixed version name i wont mention here. I have also made a for those skeptic about this. this will be uploaded to my Youtube channel anytime now and if you can see any crash in this plse inform me about it ;)

This is only showing a few levels into the game, want more? i can upload more levels for those still incinsting on that aswell, the first trainer i relsed if that's the one you used it will most likly stop responding at some small points since i hade unfourtuantly not tested the game as far into be able to notice this problem. my bad! The plus 13 trainer i later on relsed yesterday to be exact is working better but could cause a crash if the wrong version is used, this would be caused at some point in the game where some scenes are to be showing /cut scenes if you may.

But the point is you cant expect to download any pirate version and same time expecting the trainer to work on all versions, i bought the retail myself since i like to support the game companies but people nagging about they dont get my trainer to work for whatever pirated version they might have should make their own trainer insted for a change, ive done my best to make this trainer work as best as possible. if your not satisfied maby you need to rethink your situation and maby start supporting the game companies insted of nagging about isseus witch are pointless.
A new trainer will be out witch completly eredies the crashes for those of you that is infact using the proper version up to atlst more than half of the game. as is also beeing tested by two good friends as we spk to make it safe to say soo.

The plus 15 thats out for this game i gues that works awhole loot better for you, Fine if soo than use it by all mns i dont force anyone to use my trainer, the point is most people that has pmed me has said soo far the trainer i updated has been working best for them. decide for yourselfs.

Unfourtunatly this has given delays to some fixes for another game named Fable 3 as ive hade to dl with this insted.


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