Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Battlefield 3 - Simple Quick Trainer Relsed And Available Now!

First Battlefield 3 trainer Relsed!

Decided to relse a quick trainer for this game since i hade a few request for a quick one if possible, and it sms it was ;)

Working on the full final trainer here that will be partialy public and partialy donaters only.

Note: trainer makes check of game to verify it's origin,
before it will activate. New trainer will support more versions am sure.

Options Are:

F12 - Trainer .
This will activate the Trainer!

F1 - Super Hlth

F2 - Infinite Ammo/Granades.

F3 - No reload.

Numpad 0 - Store Position.
Numpad 2 - Teleport.
Numpad 3 - Undo Teleportion.

Have fun and enjoy this simple version for now!


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