Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Blades Of Time - Trainer Relsed!

A trainer for this game title relsed!

Supported versions: Retail v1.0

Options Are:

HOME - Trainer -

F8 ~ Super Hlth
~ This will keep you alive and well.

F9 ~ Instant Mana
~ This will set the mana bar to max the moment you
hit your enemies with any wpon etc...

F10 ~ Super Speed
~ This let's you move/run very fast.

F11 ~ Super Spin Jump
~ This let's you jump and spin much higher and futher.

9 ~ Slowmotion Enemies
~ This will make the enemies fighting movements slower.

0 ~ One Hit Kill
~ This will let you take out the bad guys in one hit.

Numpad 0 ~ Store Loion
Numpad 2 ~ Teleport
Numpad 3 ~ Undo Teleportation

Have fun and enjoy!


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