Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Do any of my trainers contain any virus?

From the lack of knowlege to the minds of jelouse morons.
No my trainers do not contain any viruses!

Thanks to a friend for letting me know that a handfull off people trying to claim that my trainer/trainer's contains viruses or trojans.

I have a good feeling for who some of these morons are that try to put down my trainers because of pure jelousy, one i shall not name here cause his name doesnt deserve to be named here or anywhere for that matter, below is a dump from a site witch have apparently started to host my trainers, i dont mind that but people posting and trying to make me look bad is what boothers me. If you think my trainers contain viruses than simply do not use them, it's as simple as that, But i can assure you they do not, they are packed with a exe packer and antivirus programs will detect it as a potenial virus since they could use same methodes as trainers does, they can execute dangerouse ofcourse on a system if they want, they can also execute perfectly harmless on system like is the case here, and my trainers wont harm any ones system whatsoever, but these morons like you to think that they do soo people with poor or little knowlege about these kind of things will think they are harmfull to their PC.

Want to make sure my trainers dont contain any added virus or anything else by anyone than download them straight from this blogg and i can assure you they have not been manipulated with in anyway!

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