Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Game Of Thrones - 1st Trainer Relsed!

Well since its fridays night here probably at your place aswell ;)
I decided to wrap up a 1 option trainer here for the ones that cant wait to stay alive in the game, so here is a 1 option trainer for now untill i get time later on tonight to finish up some more options.

Also a few other trainers in works which will be coming soon aswell.

Link to that Game Of Thrones simple trainer can be found under the "Trainer links" to the right side of this main blog!

Supported versions: retail v1.0.0

HOME - Trainer -

F1 ~ Super Player/Buddie Hlth
~ This will keep you and your buddie
alive and well.

Note: Activate one's inside game!

Enjoy for now!


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