Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hard Reset - Update 1 - Proper Fixed Version Trainer Available Now!

A trainer for this game is available now!

Options Are:

F12 - Trainer .
This will activate the Trainer!

F1 - Infinite Hlth.
F2 - Infinite Sheild.
F3 - Infinite Ammo.
F4 - Add Points.
F5 - Infinite Sprint.
F6 - Super Speed / Sprint.
F7 - Super Jump - Lite.
F8 - Super Jump - Boosted.

Numpad 0 - Store Position.
Numpad 2 - Teleport.
Numpad 3 - Undo Teleportion.

Update:24 Sep 2011
The "Sprint/Speed" options now corrected and trainer updated!

Will also take a look at Two Worlds 2 probably this weekend and Deus Ex Update to be relsed soon aswell.
Weekend soo will see what happens. i do rl life aswell :)

Only bigger tittles will be announced futher on! this does not happend to be one of them though.

Have fun and enjoy!


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