Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mass Effect 3 - Trainers Re-Relsed!

2 New trainer relsed, these are only alternate trainer for the ones that experienced any sudden crash with the rlier trainers which are and will still be available since they should be working correct for most of the time.

The 2 new trainer versions relsed & uploaded today are for those that preffer a lite version with the minimal options included only and the other version is for those that did experience a crash with the rlier trainers relsed for this game and booth trainers have been made with to try to support most version for this game, insted of only 1 trainer per game version.

Old trainer should work fine for most times, depending on the situation ofcourse.
These 2 new ones however was more stable on my own version thus why they been uploaded.

My version is the game version you buy from an actual game store.

Important: Unfourtunately i can not assure the trainer is working ona 64 bit .


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