Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Max Pain 3 , Crysis 3 Trainer?

People keep asking if there will be a trainer for this and that game, games that is not even due to come out til next yr like Crysis 3, yes there will most likley be a trainer for all of these titles, like the new Max Pain, Crysis 3 and the new Hitman game, though since they are not out yet i cannot answer for sure.

As some or quite a few of the new games coming out uses protection on them and there for to make a valid trainer for them it takes aloot more work to bypass these protections, some sms to think its just a matter of throwing together a trainer like one would throw together a pie.

It's not that sy most of the times and for some games it may take more than a few days to make a valid working trainer depending on the situation and to make them work properly.

Unlike some "wannabe" trainermakers out there that dont have a F clue of what they are doing i take my time with most trainers to be sure they dont make the players game crash if it can be avoided. it may be though i miss a thing or 2, but if i can i try to fix it. this may not always be the case, i am a one man trainermaker and if you like what i do i suggest you support me by donating, as that will ensure me beeing around for atlst a little bit longer giving out free trainers.


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