Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Game Has Been Updated! What Am I Going To Do?

If you have any game you think has updated, plse feel free to contact me and i can see what i can do about that.

Unfourtunately i cant know every game that has updated, so if you think a game you have might have gotten any new update and the trainer dont work now for you on this new update properly, just let me know in a PM in my youtube channel and il try to have an update for that game as soon as possible.

Also note:if you want me to put priority on your request than be sure to subscribe on that channel aswell. its tottaly free no Facebook Inlog crap or whatnot needed. ;) ;)

Ok so how would you know if this is the case you might think if a game has updated, well if you have been using any trainer from me that worked as it should before and now all the sudden it doesnt work properly anylonger than your game possibly has been updated and the trainer you used to use wont perhapse work as intended.



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