Tuesday, May 24, 2016

No more requests!

I am busy as it is for the moment and soo i have no time even to take any more requests, i try my best to solve things in the state i am in which is not a good/ grt state i can say.

Right now i am updating trainers and trying to get out a trainer for assasins Creed revelation aswell as soon as i possible can, also writing me to say hey can you make a trainer for this or that game because i dont want to pay for a trainer which is made by other trainermakers is a no go, i will if i can and when i can, i am a one man Tm and am not a bot or anything that can deliver everything and do everyones needs at the time they need it, i do this as a hobby and try my best to get things out am not here to work my butt off for people that dont show me the respect of what i do.

Now i am hding back to work and try to solve what i was just working on. :)


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