Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Online , do i make them? NO!

Should you feel the sudden urge to PM me about making these thing than dont, am tirred of have to explain to everyone that i dont make my trainers with intentions to be used to online, and theres a few good rsons why i post this now as their are those who ask this and not one time but like crazy many times, No i am not making Trainers so people can online, if some of my trainers works online than have fun while it last's
but if not i dont care as long as it works offline.
So far this night only i hade 14 messages about when i will make trainers for a certain game work online 6 of those messages on a single night was from one user and 8 was from another user, soo plse stop asking cause am not here to make the online games more difficult for newbies than what they are or for anyone for that matter.

Soo no i dont encuurage online !


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