Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Darkness 2 - Trainer Relsed And Updated/Corrected!

A simple options trainer for this game title relsed!

Note: this game is using hvy game/ protection and as such to make the game as stable as possible yet have some options available this trainer
i decided to only include 2 options in for the moment.

Plse rd the instructions in the info carefully before you use it!

This trainer was made with a none europn copy of this game title and
have been comfirmed working stable on such versions, however this version will be re-made and available on the europn version aswell ones that is relsed at 10 Feb!

Update! This trainer has been comfirmed working on europn version aswell!

Options Are:

~ HOME - Trainer -

F1 ~ Infinite Hlth
Insert - Mega Essence


I might add in more options later on if possible but atm i have no plans to make peoples game less stable then what it could be ;)

Added in what was mostly requested and what i thought was the most essential options to the user.

Have fun and enjoy for now!


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