Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Trainer Updated!

above showing how far into the game using all options on i was able to play without encountering any crash whatsover, and yes hlth/Sheild can now be left turned on at all times with this trainer.

This trainer has been updated and re-relsed to work for the retail version for this game.

rlier trainers for this game does not work with the orginal game.
That is wy i made this request to try solving those game crashes and
this trainer should be 99,99 % more safe to use now ;) mning if you follow the instructions in the info you will most likely never encounter any more crashes using this trainer on the "bought Stm version"

And ofcourse not many options could be added for this version or it would be to beg for it to crash which we dont want.

Supported versions: Stm - v1,0,156,0

Options Are:

HOME - Trainer -

F1 ~ Super Hlth/Sheild
F2 ~ Infinite Fury
F3 ~ Ammo - Mega amount
F4 ~ Ammo - Normal amount
F5 ~ Disable Ammo Options
F6 ~ Tm Cloak



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