Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition - Mega Trainer Relsed!

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition - Mega Trainer Relsed!

Supported versions: stm v1.9.0.0 M.E

Same options have now been included in this version as in the first Crysis 2 trainer relsed for that game version.

Options Are:

HOME - Trainer -

Very Important!
" must be done ones you are in game Playing"

F1 ~ Infinite Hlth
~ This will keep you alive and well.

F2 ~ Infinite Ammo/No Reload
~ This grants you an infinite amount of ammo to use for
all your wpons and removes the need to reload any guns.

F3 ~ Infinite Grenades/Explosives
~ This will grant you infinite grenades/explosives.

F4 ~ Infinite Energy
~ This will set your energy to max constantly.

F5 ~ Add 5000 alyst's
~ This let's you incrse your current alyst,
open the alyst menu and enable this option -
exit the alyst menu then reenter it and press
the option again to incrse it more, and so on..

F6 ~ Super Accuracy
~ This will incrse your wpon accuracy and let you
fire your guns with a precise hit.

F7 ~ Bullet Time
~ This will slowdown speed and give you that matrix
slowmotion effect.

F8 ~ Super Speed Mode
~ This will incrse the overall speed.

F9 ~ Infinite Wpons
~ This will let's carray more wpons.

4 ~ Super Speed
~ This will incrse your speed and let you run much faster
than possible.

5 ~ Super Jump
~ This will let's you jump much higher than possible.

6 ~ Super Low Gravity Jump
~ This will boost your jumps aloot and makes for
a much smoother jump abillity.

7 ~ Super Throw - Lite
~ This will let you throw enemies and objects very far.

8 ~ Super Throw - Boosted
~ This will let you throw enemies and objects very very far.

9 ~ Super Grab
~ This will let you grab enemies from very far away.

0 ~ Super Bullet Impact
~ This will incrse the impact force on your bullets,
makes your wpons very powerfull.

Page Up/Prior ~ Slowmotion Enemies
~ This will make the enemies move/run in slowmotion.

Page Down/Next ~ One Hit Kill
~ This will let you take out the bad guys in 1 hit.

Numpad 1 ~ Super Aim - Toggle Thrue 2 Modes
~ This will incrse your aim distance, letting you zoom in
very up close on your enemies from a far away distance.

Numpad 4 ~ Super Aim Off
~ This will reset your default aim distance.

Numpad 5 ~ Super Stlth
~ Enemies will never find you - cloaked or uncloaked.

Numpad 6 ~ Mini Enemies
~ This will make those enemies very small and fragile.

Numpad 0 ~ Store Loion
Numpad 2 ~ Teleport
Numpad 3 ~ Undo Teleportation



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