Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The HOME - Where's It Ussualy Loed?

After having a few users wondering where first of all this "HOME" is loed at that is used to activate my trainers with, i have setup a small picture to show some of you where this is at. Here you may also see incase you are not aware of where the F are and where the Numpad ussualy are at. unless "numpad" are not present at all on for your PC.

Sometimes the F can be occupied by the game itself, if they are i ussualy use the in the numeric ar below, the ones you ussualy use to type in s with starting at "1" ending at "0", sometimes it's vice versa or a mix of occupied , in that case i use a mix of booth.

Also for the numpad make sure to toggle the Numlock on for those to start working! The Num Lock is ussualy loed at the top left corner of the numpad ar.


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