Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Other self aclaimed "Trainermakers" accusing me for stling their s etc..!

Yh you hrd that right, and apparently i have stolen someones or s.
All i can say this is bullshit and they know it but apparently they cant stand that i am making trainers and to harm my name they sprd fake roumers about me, and am not even going to mention who this persona is since his not going to get the joy to have his user name mentioned on my blog, but
all i got to say to you if you ever see this, its sy to sprd roumers without facts sitting infront of your PC somewhere. let it be knowned that you are the lowest of crap there is to find.
The mentioned is apparently a for Battlefield and the only s i got for this is posted on my youtube channel. but apparently its not that i have stolen. so where is it then? well its used by a tottaly different person. probably made to look like i am the one that stole it and their by gaining attention about me.

And you trying to mess with me you have nothing to gain with.
perhapse my attention in a tiny post like this. And your trainer tm is pathetic to say the lst for even supporting you with your lies.

Even h4x0r has more brains then you and you know who you are ;)

This persons last attempt to accuse me can be view here.

Since he has apparently erased the orginal from his channel.


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