Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Saints Row: The Third - Dx10/11 - Mega Trainer Relsed!

The mega trainer for Saints Row: The Third Dx10/11 relsed!

Fixed Trainer INFO version now available now!

Well was that nasty, having a cold and taking upon myself to do some additional options, well should not complain it's what i wanted ;) lol
Anyway Hot re-arranged and new option list are added below.
Was wanting to add in more options, but who knows they might come by tomorrow or soon if i get the chance.

Options Are:

F12 - Trainer .
This will activate the Trainer!
F1 - Infinite Hlth.
F2 - Mega Cash.
F3 - Infinite Grenades.
F4 - Infinite Ammo.
F5 - No Reload.
F6 - Super Bullet Impact.
F7 - Super Bullet Impulse.
F8 - No Recoil.
F9 - Super Accuracy
F11 - Fast XP Incrse.

9 - The Mini Impact
0 - The Mega Impact

Insert - Buddie Hlth.
Page Up - Alter Cop Wanted Level.
Page Down - Alter Band Wanted Level.

Numpad 1 - Super Speed / Sprint.
Numpad 4 - Super Take Down.
Numpad 5 - Infinite Wehicle Hlth.
Numpad 6 - Enemies Cant Shoot.
Numpad 7 - Mini Row

Numpad 0 - Store Loion.
Numpad 2 - Teleport.
Numpad 3 - Undo Teleportation.

Info for the Super Take Down option: This ones tricky
but it's the option i use in the , i have done this so to avoid any crash that you need to use a gun and have stamina available, So in order for it to work properly you need to carry a wpon and have atlst some stamina available.

At same time press for board users - Right mouse button - Left Shift and -> Move Forward -> Would be W as default.

If done correct it will work as intended, these 3 things needs to be done at same time, takes sometimes to get right perhapse, but ones done youl get the hang of it.

Decide add in this bonus info ;) since it might be a hard one to figure out.

DX 9 will be relsed tomorrow - which is today for me ;)
Since am dd tirred and having one of my worst colds its been a pain to get everything working as id hoped. but a Dx9 version will later on aswell, for now use Dx10 and 11 if possible.

Have fun and enjoy!


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